Figma Freebie - Buttons 7.0

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Figma Freebie - Buttons 7.0

UI Prep
8 ratings

Over 7,200 designers just like you have downloaded our Buttons Freebie.

“Great resource for my team! Love the best practices baked into the button examples.”

The best way to design button components in Figma

Jumpstart your design process with a full set of button variants inspired by our best-selling UI Prep Design System UI Kit.

What’s included?

✅ Figma design file (.fig)

✅ 144 button variants to get you started

✅ Quick start guide on designing and using button components in Figma

✅ Helpful resource to continue your Figma learning journey

Button variants built in to Buttons Freebie

  • Types: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Danger
  • Size: Large, Small
  • Icon: None, Left, Right, Double, Divided
  • States: Default, Hover, Selected, Disabled

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Button UI
144 variants


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