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Figma Project - Recreate Airtable's Landing Page

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Over 300 designers just like you have downloaded our Airtable Landing Page project to level up their Figma skills.

“This project helped me built the confidence I needed to switch from Sketch to Figma.”

Get familiar with Figma’s most powerful features and level up your design skills

This beginner project is perfect for anyone who's new to Figma or wants to learn best practices. We'll cover all the basics and get familiar with Figma's most powerful features. We'll start by getting everything set up with styles and icons, then design the full page, section by section. In the end, we'll add constraints to make everything responsive.

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Skill Level

  • Beginner+

Project Resources

  • 14 tutorial videos (2hrs of training & examples)
  • Figma file
  • Assets folder

Key Skills

  • Creating and applying styles
  • Adding and using icons
  • Creating and using components
  • Applying auto layout
  • Adding responsive behavior with constraints

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Figma Project - Recreate Airtable's Landing Page

11 ratings
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