🖐 Friday Five (Ace Design Interviews, Designing for Power Users, Write Better, and more)

Hi friends!

We're back with our 12th issue of Friday Five, a weekly email with our top 5 finds to help you level up as a designer. Here's what we want to share with you this week.

This week's Finds:

  1. Power User Trap: Designing for power users

  2. Job Hunt: Ace the design interviewing process

  3. Font Talk: Learn about Spacing and Kerning

  4. Joint Effort: Marrying design and development systems

  5. Writing Workshop: Frameworks to help you write better


1) Avoid the power user trap

Knowing when, how, and what to design for power users is tricky. Teams either over-optimize for them and build lots of features overcomplicating the product. Or neglect them and miss low-hanging fruit. This is what Reforge calls the Power User Trap. Reforge shares tips and mistakes to avoid when navigating this situation.


2) The A,B,Cs of the design interview process

Jonas recently left Basecamp and landed a new role at Twitter. He shares his hard-earned knowledge about the design interviewing process and what to expect at each step. A great guide for those in the job market right now.


3) Deep dive on font spacing and kerning

If you want to nerd out about font types and how spacing and kerning impact readability, this Twitter thread is for you. Ryan does a great job of highlighting the subtle parts of these properties and why they're so important when working with font types.


4) How to run a collaborative design & development process

The Chime team breaks down their process for managing their joint design and development system, ChimeKit.


5) Six simple frameworks to help you write better product copy

Dickie Bush spent 500+ hours studying great copywriters. Then he distilled the best advice into 6 simple frameworks. Our favorite one is about Eugene Schwartz's daily writing routine: he treated his writing like athletes treat going to the gym. Lots of interesting takeaways in this thread.

Have a great weekend!

Molly and Jake at UI Prep

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