🖐 Friday Five (Designing NFTs, Color Theory, Stripe Design, and more)

Hi friends!

We're back with our 10th issue of Friday Five, a weekly email with our top 5 finds to help you level up as a designer. Here's what we want to share with you this week.

This week's Finds:

1. Color Theory: Say no to HSL

2. Designing NFTs: Behind the scenes of Crypto Mondrian

3. Stripe Design: How Stripe changed the game

4. Eng Assist: Helping engineers build designs

5. Feeling Bookish: Design system booklist

1) Stop using HSL for color systems

The HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) color model is simple but it doesn't do a good job of reflecting the human perception of lightness or saturation. Instead, use the CIELAB modal to more closely match human perception and improve accessibility.

2) How I made $50K designing an NFT collection

Paul Stamatiou describes his process of creating a set of code-generated art NFTs on the blockchain. Can you guess how long it took to sell all 100 NFTs?

3) How Stripe changed the design game

Stripe has a cult following of designers for a reason. Its dedication to user experience, team-building, creating content (gorgeous printed books), and self-examination continues to put it in a league of its own.

4) Use Figma's Inspect panel as a cheat sheet for your engineers

Connect your design (Figma) and code (React) libraries by optimizing the Figma Inspect Panel. Clear systems, consistent naming, and variants are all evident in the Inspect Panel and make life easier for engineers.

5) Time to restart the book club

Figma recommends 4 great books on design systems.

Have a great weekend!

Molly and Jake at UI Prep

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