🖐 Friday Five (Level up product thinking skills, Navigate product redesigns, and more)

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We're back with our 6th issue of Friday Five, a weekly email with our top 5 finds to help you level up as a designer. Here's what we want to share with you this week.

This week's Finds:

1. Product Thinking: How to level up your product thinking skills

2. Lyft Design Systems: Go beyond asset libraries & build systems for people

3. Redesign Magic: A guide for successful product redesigns

4. Storytelling: How to engage an audience

5. Design + Code: Close the gap between design & code in Figma

1) The Power of Product Thinking

Having well-honed product thinking will help you — and the products you work on — stand out from the crowd. But how exactly do you improve product thinking? Julie Zhuo shares her framework.

2) How Lyft gets 97% usage across their design systems

Like any other product, a design system is only as useful as it is usable. See how the Lyft team achieves 97% usage across 9 design systems by providing additional support resources like asset guides, component guides, dedicated onboarding sessions for new team members, and more to transfer knowledge about systems and when to use them.

3) How to navigate product redesigns

Using Asana’s successful redesign as a case study, this deep dive covers all the different aspects of a successful product redesign. From the team you need to assemble to the uniquely iterative approach a redesign requires.

4) Learn to engage an audience like Neil deGrasse Tyson

Julian Shapiro deconstructs how the best storytellers engage their audience. One of the key ingredients? Strategically withholding information. Before you start your story, you decide which details to withhold until the end—to maximize suspense along the way.

5) How to unify anatomy and props across code and Figma

If design systems deliver a shared vocabulary across libraries documented for developers and designers, shouldn’t an API be as similar as possible in code and design tools? See how the Eight Shapes team approaches this work to get design specs drifting toward API constructs.


We released a big update to the Data Table UI Kit freebie. The new update includes an interactive playground with 6 exercises to help you learn the best way to use table components in Figma.

→ Get the freebie

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