🖐 Friday Five (Products as Functions, Designing Dashboards, Master Note-Taking, and more)

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We're back with our 19th issue of Friday Five, a weekly email with our top 5 finds to help you level up as a designer. Here's what we want to share with you this week.

🚀 ICYMI: We launched another (free) Figma project Recreate Asana's Dashboard in Figma this week! Completing projects like this is the BEST way to learn Figma. You'll get hands-on experience using features like components, auto layout, variants, layout grids, and more.

This week's Finds

  1. Products as functions

  2. Designing dashboards

  3. Career advice

  4. Note-taking superpowers

  5. All things typography

1) How a Product Is Like a Function

Ryan breaks down how he and his team at Basecamp think about their product. It's not just a bundle of features, it's a function that transforms the user's experience. He explains this by walking through the inputs and outputs of the Basecamps calendar.

2) How to Design a Responsive Dashboard in Figma

I share my favorite takeaways from UI Prep's newest project "Recreate Asana's Dashboard in Figma". It includes 5 tips for essential Figma features like components, auto layout, variants, layout grids, and more.

3) How to Waste Your Career One Comfortable Year At a Time

Getting too comfortable at your job or staying out of loyalty is the worst mistake you can make in your career. You'll miss out on better opportunities where you'll be challenged and have more room to grow. Figure out if you're too comfortable with Apoorva's list of questions you should be asking yourself every three months.

4) 10 Tips on Becoming a Master Note-Taker

David Perell breaks down how to become a better writer by first becoming a better notetaker. One that really resonated with us - "Too many people treat note-taking as an end in itself. But the goal of note-taking isn’t to save information. It’s to have ideas you wouldn’t have had otherwise. To be smarter, faster, and more creative."

5) Guide to using Typography in UX/UI

A great introduction to all things typography. This guide walks through what typography is and all the best practices you need to know to start using it effectively in your designs.

Happy Thanksgiving! We're so grateful to have this supportive design community 🖤

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