🖐 Friday Five (UX Research, Why Figma Wins, Prototype Freebie, and more)

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We're back with our 9th issue of Friday Five, a weekly email with our top 5 finds to help you level up as a designer. Here's what we want to share with you this week.

This week's Finds:

1. Workbench: Gusto's multi-product design system

2. UX Research: Mistakes to avoid in early-stage research

3. Why Figma Wins: Deep dive on Figma's product strategy

4. Design + Dev: Better ways to collaborate

5. Tweet lul: Fun tweet to end the week


We dropped a new article + freebie covering everything you need to know about prototyping in Figma. The Prototype Playground freebie has 11 exercises with step-by-step instructions. It's 🔥.

Read the article

1) How Gusto manages and upgrades their Design Systems

Take a peek behind the curtain and see how Gusto redesigned their Figma Design System to be more user-friendly in the long run. Based on designer feedback, they updated everything from file organization to component builds and pattern usage.

2) Mistakes to avoid in early customer discovery and research

Jane Davis (Director of UX Research and UX Writing at Zoom) shares 11 mistakes teams are making and what they should do instead. One of the most dangerous mistakes.. only partially solving a problem and winding up with a product user's like but don't love.

3) Why Figma Wins

Figma has been so successful by making not one, but a sequence of good decisions. Its real-time collaboration (browser-first model), appeal to "non-designers" (user friendly), and built-in ecosystem (plugins) have made it a winner.

4) Designer + Developer Workflow

Designers and developers work together but true ~collaboration~ is rare. Watch Dan Mall and Brad Frost demonstrate their collaborative approach in a video recording of them creating a web page together. While doing so they discuss topics like element collages, stealing/remixing existing interfaces, and how development is design.

5) Me In Ur Figma Files

Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than a team member hovering around you in the design file? Have a look through all the comments for a good laugh!

Have a great weekend!

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