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🥳 UI Prep 5.0 is LIVE! Download the latest version today!!!

Start the New Year right with the best design system UI Kit for Figma!

Version 5.0 Updates

In addition to many component improvements, the design system has been optimized for team use, accessibility, and faster prototyping. Its new file structure, unpublished "helper" components, tokenized naming, and interactive components make it easier than ever to customize and use. Learn more on the UI Prep website 👉

The Highlights

✅ Updated file structure

✅ Added interactive components

✅ Introduced a new color system with tokens

✅ Improved & expanded button components

✅ Improved & expanded chart components

✅ Improved & expanded table components

✅ Improved & expanded text editor components

Existing customers

If you purchased the design system in the past, check your Gumroad Library! The latest version is there waiting for you :)

What customers are saying

“UI Prep has been instrumental in our agency work. UI Prep helps us start at 60% instead of 0%. It’s comprehensive, organized, and very thoughtfully designed. I could not recommend this more.”

-- Jon Moore, Principal Product Designer at Innovate map

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Can't wait! Just curious, do customers of prior versions need to make another purchase? Thanks.

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