🤓 The best way to set up, use, and handoff icons in Figma

Icons are essential for every design system. Each one is a small building block that helps you create bigger, more complex components. Read this article to learn how to set up, use, and handoff icons correctly. This will speed up your workflow, improve consistency, enable your designs to scale, and make your developers happy.

What you'll learn in this article

•  Difference between informational & actionable icons

•  Choosing an icon library 

•  Adding icons to Figma 

•  Customizing icons (size, color, constraints) 

•  Turning icons into main components 

•  Adding & swapping icon instances 

•  Applying overrides 

•  Using icons as atoms 

•  Exporting icons 

•  Icon spritesheets

•  Icon fonts   

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