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👋 Friday Five (File Structure, Styles, Discoverability, Sub-Components and More)

🖐 Friday Five (Dan Mall, Design Debt, Tokens, Smashing, and more)

🖐 Friday Five (Tokens, Combo Buttons, Layout Grids, Monospace, and more)

🖐 Friday Five (Tables, Absolute Position, Nested Instance, & more)

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🖐 Friday Five (Variants, Properties, Tables, Local Components & More)

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🖐 Friday Five (Naming, Burnout, Auto Layout, Slot Components & more)

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🖐 Friday Five (New Features, Big Sale, Colors to Avoid, Switching to Figma & More)

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🖐 Friday Five (File Structure, Super-Duper Components, Team Wraps, and more)

🖐 Friday Five (Sub Components, Onboarding Designers, Resumes, and more)

👋 Friday Five (Sections, Dynamic Auto Layout Spacing, Searchable Icons and More)

👋 Friday Five (Moving Styles, Private Components, Importing Webpages, and More)

👋 Friday Five (Color Styles, Nested Properties, Auto Layout, and more)

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👋 Friday Five (New Beta Features, Adobe, Height Variables, and More)

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👋 Friday Five (Big News, Icons, Change Logs, Breakpoints, and more )

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👋 Friday Five (Stealing Styles, Portfolio Advice, Phasing out Components.. and more )

NEW FREEBIE - Style Guide 6.0 is live 🎉

👋 Friday Five (Special Edition: Property & Color Style Lessons)

NEW UPDATE - UI Prep 6.0 is here!! 🔥Properties 🔥 Auto Layout 🔥 New Components

👋 Friday Five (Workflows, Subcomponents, Shortcuts, and more)

👋 Friday Five (Rigid Components, Auto Layout, Color Guide, and more)

👋 Friday Five (Component Properties, Widgets, Styles, and more)

👋 Friday Five (Special Edition: Small but MIGHTY Figma updates)

👋 Friday Five (Special Edition: Component Properties)

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👋 Friday Five (Special Edition: Level up your auto layout skills)

👋 Friday Five (Happy Psychology, Perfect Icons, Design Crits... and more)

👋 Friday Five (Foolproof Color System, Swap Library, Responsive Tables.. and more)

🤓 UI Prep Nomination - Quick, we need your help! ⏰ 🏆 🎉

👋 Friday Five (Responsive Charts, Dark Theme Colors, Figma Files.. and more)

👋 Friday Five (Variant Strategies, QA tickets, Templated Files, and more)

👋 Friday Five (Branches, Frames VS Groups, Local Components, and more)

👋 Friday Five (Naming, Dynamic Forms, Job opportunities and More)

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👋 Friday Five (Workflows, Binary Variants, Colors Systems, and More)

👋 Friday Five (Pitch Writing, Spec files, Tooltips, and More)

👋 Friday Five (Design Principles, Spacing, Accessibility, and More)

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 🚀 🚀 🚀 UI Prep 5.0 Launch Date and Sneak Peek Video Tour! 👀 

👋 Friday Five (UI Prep 5.0 Release Date, Interface Inventories, Colors Styles, and More)

👋 Friday Five (Best Way to Build a Table, Testing Design Systems, Color Systems, and More)

🤓 UI Prep 5.0 is on the way!! BIG updates just in time for ✨Q1✨

👋 Friday Five (Pilot Projects, File Organization, Dynamic Components, and more)

🖐 Friday Five (Products as Functions, Designing Dashboards, Master Note-Taking, and more)

🤓 Project drop! How to build a responsive DASHBOARD in Figma 📈💥📊💥 (Now live!)

🖐 Friday Five (Pair Designing, Strategy for Success, Designing in Code)

🤓 UI Prep Project - How to build a responsive DASHBOARD 📈📊✨ (coming soon!)

🖐 Friday Five (Accelerate Your Career, Meta Layer for Notes, TicTok's For You Page, and more)

🖐 Friday Five (UI Prep Projects, Reimagining Chat Products, Permissions UX, and more)

🤓 Introducing.. 🥁🥁🥁 UI Prep PROJECTS!! (now live!) 🎉

🖐 Friday Five (Design System Must-Haves, Courage to Look Stupid, Aiming For Simple, and more)

🤓 UI Prep PROJECTS! Preview and more details 🔮✨

🖐 Friday Five (Intangible Skills, Next Feature Fallacy, Principles of Good Design, and more)

🤓 Hands-on learning with UI Prep PROJECTS (coming soon!) 👀

🖐 Friday Five (Write Better at Work, Design Growth Loops, Fresh Figma Tips, & more)

🤓 Figma Freebie - Layout Grids 4.0 (NEW playground)

🖐 Friday Five (Ace Design Interviews, Designing for Power Users, Write Better, and more)

🖐 Friday Five (Design governance, Simple color systems, New project kickoffs, and more)

🤓 Figma Freebie - Prototype Playground (11 step-by-step exercises)

🖐 Friday Five (Designing NFTs, Color Theory, Stripe Design, and more)

🖐 Friday Five (UX Research, Why Figma Wins, Prototype Freebie, and more)

🤓 Ultimate Guide to Prototyping in Figma

🖐 Friday Five (Game Design, Remote Design Sprints, Getting Technical, and more)

🤓 Figma Freebie - Style Guide UI Kit 4.0 (new PLAYGROUND with video tutorials!)

🖐 Friday Five (NFT UX, Design System Myths, Web Browsing Blues, and more)

🤓 Best of UI Prep — Summer edition

🖐 Friday Five (Level up product thinking skills, Navigate product redesigns, and more)

🤓 Figma Freebie - Data Table 4.0 (now with an interactive PLAYGROUND!)

🖐 Friday Five (Biases that lead to poorly designed products, Onboard tips from popular products, & more)

🤓 The best way to set up, use, and handoff icons in Figma

🖐 Friday Five (Tackle design debt, Grow as a designer, Building with magic, and more)

🚌 Figma Freebie - Button UI Kit 4.0 (BIGGER & BETTER variant set!)

🖐 Friday Five (Design interview mistakes, Shaping features, Loveable products, and more)

🚌 21 Best Figma Plugins for Designers in 2021

🖐 Friday Five (How to be great, Color accessibility, Designing Hey, and more)

🚌 Figma Freebie - Input UI Kit 4.0 (BIG updates!)

🖐 Friday Five (Next level Zoom skills, Modal alternatives, Email leaks, and more)

🚌 5 Tips to Design Maintainable Inputs in Figma

🚌 Why you should use Frames, not Groups, in Figma

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